Eclipsed By The Moon Tour

Eclipsed By The Moon Tour 2013

On our historic 'Eclipsed By The Moon' tour the Australian Pink Floyd Show revisited our beloved DARK SIDE FOR THE MOON in honor of it's 40th anniversary. "DSOTM" changed my perception of what can be done on an album. The experiementation that was happening in the early '70s really resonated with my experience of why we make music. It took me places. Removed me from the mundain and gave me brushes with the divine. Performing those songs in Moscow was a highlight after having visited there in 1989 during Pink Floyd's epic "Delicate Sound of Thunder" and "Another Lapse" tours. We also traveled to St. Petersberg which was a first for me." 

The French leg was especailly nice included extended time off in Paris. Lorelei got to see Monaco for the first time as well and she and Dave Fowler enjoyed a special party held for us in the home of Aussie Floyd friend and fan Bruno Dubois.

                                      In Reims France with Bruno, Dominique and friends.