Marcia McBroom

Marcia McBroom-Small is a pioneer in more ways than one. Daughter of a Pan African (Marie Lee) and a civil rights leader (Dr. Marcus McBroom), she has been a familiar face to the African public through her career as a Black Beauty model and humanitarian. She is a semi retired educator formerly teaching American and Global History at Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day High School.  Marcia founded her own charity organization called For Our Children's Sake Foundation in the early '80s . 

Marcia McBroom graced the cover of ESSENCE magazine in April 1971.
Marcia McBroom-Small began her career as a dancer, fashion model and actress. Seen here modeling and as character 'Petronella Danfort' from the Russ Meyer classic "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls." It was her first feature film.


This movie poster from the film, also promoted the soundtrack which featured '60's sensation 'The Strawberry Alarm Clock.'

See the CARRIE NATIONS (the ficticious girl band created for the film) perform their song "Candy Man."

Cynthia Meyers, Marcia McBroom and Dolly Reed.

In the cult classic "BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS" Marcia played Petronella Danfort. Seen here caught in the middle of two men seeking to be her one and only. These two brothers fight it out in an over the top confrontation.


Marcia was a featured dancer in the epic "JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR." See her in this video sitting by Ted Neely (Jesus.)


BINGO LONG tells the story of America's first National all African American baseball team. Marcia is pictured here in a screen shot with onscreen boyfriend portrayed by Billy Dee WIlliams. The film also stars James Earl Jones and Richard Pryor.  


In the 1970s the studios were investing in "Blaxploitation" films. You can also see Marcia in - "THE LEGEND OF NIGGER CHARLIE,"  and "COME BACK CHARLESTON BLUE." 

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As a result of a modeling assignment in London for the Nigerian market promoting “Lux Soap”, she portrayed the character “Susie Martins”. During her travels to 33 countries throughout Africa, North America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean as a performer, and later as a Goodwill Ambassador, Mrs. McBroom-Small realized many simple ways to bring about improvement in the lives of the people she visited. She realized how we, as American citizens take so much for granted.  Based on these experiences, she has dedicated a significant portion of her life to working at making a difference in a world where so many suffer needlessly. 

At that same time, an advertising campaign had begun advocating the use of powdered milk to mothers in lesser-developed countries worldwide. Marcia McBroom decided to utilize her celebrity status and created a breast-feeding poster to promote the many benefits of “Mother’s Milk.” She donated the poster to UNICEF, and they distributed it worldwide.  Mrs. McBroom-Small later received a request from the New York State Department of Health to place the poster in clinics and WIC centers throughout the state.

Mrs. McBroom-Small encourages young people to see themselves as “Global Citizens”, empowered to make positive change in society through grassroots actions and deeds. She wanted to inspire young people with the knowledge and understanding that they can indeed create the world that so many envision. 

Marcia with Muhamed Ali....................................Marcia, Grace Jones & producer Nile Rodgers.........Dolly Reed, Durga McBroom and Marcia

Marcia McBroom-Small and Michelle Obama

Following this affiliation, she was asked to serve on the board of the NY Metropolitan Committee for UNICEF for 16 years. During that time, she went to West Africa as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF to Burkina Faso and the Ivory Coast under the invitation of the now late President Thomas Sankara. Marcia McBroom-Small, a James Madison Fellow, has worked tirelessly as an educator and activist, to promote her vision of global awareness and international cooperation. She currently serves as a consultant for the N.Y. State Department of Education. 

Marcia pictured here as "The Global African Woman" asking all her fans to assist her in making the world a better place 'For Our Children's Sake!'


For Our Children’s Sake Foundation was founded by Marcia McBroom- Small. Her foundation has participated in numerous projects, and looks forward to many more years of dedicated service to the people of our global community. Marcia McBroom-Small, Ms. Rachael N. Mayanja, former Assistant Secretary-General, Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women at the United Nations, and Honorary Chairman the late Mr. Richie Havens united to improve the inhuman conditions of the women in war-ravaged Darfur, Africa. As told to Ms McBroom-Small by a group of women during her UNICEF tour,  “We are not looking for hand outs.  We just need a helping hand.”  We hope that you will be inspired to assist our vision of creating a more compassionate world,  FOR OUR CHILDREN’S SAKE!

In 2016 Marcia went to Washington D.C. for the opening of the African America History Museum. To her delight and surprise, she found herself on display on the cover of the book "The Black Woman." It's in a section about the Woman's Movement in the 1970's. The display focuses on the ways black and white women branded together to fight for women's rights.

My sister Marcia Leanne McBroom is my first inspiration. Her style, grace, giving nature and political activism are to be praised. I made this page about her life and ongoing activities to let the world know she is a warrior for peace. She has always encouraged my talents and shown me how to "walk the walk" in the Internation world of Entertianment.  Marcia is a prime example of how truly magnificent people of color are.

Marcia's joyous family

Awards and Commendations

James Madison Memorial Fellowship 
(New York State Recipient)
Letter of Congratulations upon receiving Fellowship, 
U.S. Senator Patrick Moynihan
The 1995 Teacher of the Year Award, 
Manhattan High Schools Superintendents Office
The 1996 & 2002 Who’s Who Among 
American’s Teachers
Breast-feeding poster commissioned by the New York State Department of Health
Achievement Award, 
The Friends of The Children of Lascaholas


Photo from "Come Back Charleston Blue."