Recording with Steve Hackett!

Durga and Lorelei in the Studio with Steve Hackett 

Steve Hackett is a legendary guitar player, songwriter and singer, who came to fame with the band Genesis. He joined the band in 1970, playing with Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutheford. In the latter years of the band's career, he recorded solo albums, leaving and reuniting with Genesis until his final departure in1977. Steve has continued recording and touring as a solo artist.

Steve Hackett, Lorelei McBroom and Dave Kerzner after Cruise ToThe Edge 2017- The moment Steve approached Lorelei about singing on his album  CTTE 2018.

Durga and I met Steve while working with Dave Kerzner. We all appeared on Kerzner's debut solo album "The New World." Over the past 3 years, we've all performed on 'Cruise to the Edge;' the  Prog Rock cruise excursions sponsored and headlined by the '70s classic band 'YES.'  Steve has appeared as a featured solo artist and The McBroom Sisters have performed with the Dave Kerzner Band. On the cruise in February of 2018, Steve sat in with us on Dave Kerzner's set. He really got the full McBroom Sisters experience. We did featured leads and backing vocals.  After the set  we shared, he asked us if we'd be available to sing on his upcoming solo release. We were delighted and agreed. Following my Australian Pink Floyd spring  European tour, (May 2018), my sister Durga and I met up in London to record with our new friend Steve Hackett. 

The book "The Underground Railroad," and the author Colton Whitehead, pictured here with Oprah WInfrey. She featured his book in her book club. 

He'd written and recorded a song, inspired after he read Colson Whitehead's book "The Underground Railroad. " He asked us to add a soulful choir of voices, to his two part, Prog Rock song.  A camera man was there to document our time together. 

We took the train to Steve's studio. He and his wife Jo picked us up and drove us to their studio. He took out a beautiful antique music stand to hold the lyrics. We listened to his song and he shared some ideas about what he wanted us to do. He'd put down some guide harmonies and lead vocals. We embelished on his directions and had great fun going back and forth stacking harmonies and alternating lead vocals where he wanted them. 


Roger did a great job enginering the session. Steve's wife Jo was a delightful hostess. She prepared tea, healthy snacks and offered us assorted throat lozenges.  (We use them to keep our throats moist while we sing.) We can't wait for the album to be completed so we can hear the final mix.


Steve Hackett

It felt very special to record a track for my new album today with the extraordinary singers Durga and Lorelei... recording going from strength to strength! 
Warmest wishes to all, 

VISIT STEVE HACKETT'S WEBSITE for updates on his album release, and upcoming tour dates.