The Magnificent McBroom Sisters on Sistah Talk TV

Sistah Talk TV presents The Magnificent McBroom Sisters!

On Saturday November 23rd (and re-aired on 30th) Sistah Talk TV brought four of the five McBroom sisters together to discuss their Father Dr. Marcus McBroom,
their careers and their remarkable family story. Representing the children of their Father's first and second marriages, the children of his third marriage were 
also remembered along with discussion about their Mother Katherine McBroom. Dr. Marcus McBroom took an unorthodox approach with his children teaching
them to relate to each other and all of his wives as equal.

MARCIA                   DANA                            LORELEI                               DURGA
McBroom Small        McBroom Manno             McBroom                              McBroom Hudson


Sistah Talk TV is a local New York Time Warner cable program airing Saturday afternoons at 2pm EST on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

Here's the first video from the show

Lorelei is joined here by Rod Stewart backing vocalist Bridget Cady, singer and actress Karmen Kluge and guitarist Allen Towbin. They perform "If You Don't Know Me By Now", inspired by Rod Stewarts' Soul Book CD version.